A Brioche with some guacamole, extra topping of bacon, and American cheese Please..

Yes, you heard that right; it’s truly The Gourmet Life!

Hello there foodie marketers! Today I will be enlightening your knowledge regarding the most trending activity undertaken by the Fast Food giant, MC Donald’s.

Recently, MC Donald’s changed the landscape of its traditional environment by initiating a fresh and different service called “Create Your Own”. This change allows customers to digitally build their customized burgers through touchscreen kiosks that are installed in stores and allows for personalization. MC Donald’s have also uplifted their traditional ingredients and now offer fancy treats like brioches, grilled mushrooms, guacamole etc. This service also includes table service that enhances customer value and is perceived to be a vital change in the socio-economic culture.

“Create your own” & Instagram

MC Donald’s has also started marketing for its recent digital transition by encouraging users to use #createyourtaste hashtag and post in on his or her respective Instagram profiles on Instagram. This increases the awareness of their recent campaign and allows for a greater level of awareness among the users.

MC Donald’s has always been on the forefront in pushing their digital marketing campaigns and have recently tripled their budget to allow for more creativity and a strong push to its digital marketing campaigns. Last year, MC Donald’s launched the mobile app called “My Maccas” that resulted in a big success.


My Maccas is a mobile ordering app that allows users to pre order their meals from their homes and pay either once an individual passes by the drive through or at the cash register. Another interesting tactic they used in validating orders was through QR codes. Customers could validate their orders through QR codes and beat the hassle of negotiating for an extra packet of ketchup 🙂

Recently, they also ran a promotion strategy by encouraging users to download the app and win $5 as credit to use at any MC Donald’s store during the Australian Day.

Therefore, it can be seen that MC Donald’s is an active player in the digital world and continuously thrives to alter its traditional ways of working.

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  1. This post really made me want mcdonalds! I think its a great idea that they’ve done this! Boost has a similar app where you can order and pay and just pick it up at the counter. It saves time on my lunch break also! thanks for this post! Id love it if you had a look at my most recent one!


  2. Reblogged this on bronterat and commented:
    I personally think that the best digital marketing campaign run by McDonald’s in Australia was their ‘Pickle Club’ on Facebook – a page where subscribers would receive code words each week that would allow them to get a discount on their maccas meal, a free upgrade or whatever was on offer for that week at a particular store.

    The Pickle Club appealed to their true target market and gave them what they really crave – more maccas… not a wannabe healthy ‘gourmet’ burger which you can design instore on a fancy ipad. I personally believe that maccas have lost sight of who their true target market is on this latest campaign.


  3. McDonald’s latest campaign is great in my eyes, the use of allowing consumers to create their own burger and pre-order it at home is awesome – I’m not normally a Macca’s eater but this is changing my mind! To top it off, the use of Instagram and the #createyourtaste hashtag will surely get customers on board, adding a great sense of interaction with the brand. Interesting post!


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