Thank You, “Thank You”

Well Hello there busy marketers! Today’s topic was a recent discovery by myself about this movement-changing brand that I came across whilst quenching my thirst earlier last week. Today, ill enlighten your knowledge about Thank You Water that is constantly making efforts to create life-changing products and the avenues it practices to use innovative social media marketing campaigns.

Thank You is a bottled water company in Australia that aids many different water projects in developing countries and with every since bottle sold, Thank You Water provides at least one month of safe Drinking water to those in need. They believe in uplifting the standards of those in need through the sales of bottled water in Australia. The organizations goal is to make every single consumer mindful of the influence they can make by purchasing a bottle of water.

Thank You Water and the Movement

Thank You Water prides themselves with being a social enterprise that is making efforts to empower the high quality standards and contribute towards the social welfare of the society, by providing food, water, health and hygiene to those in need. It is not a NOT- FOR-PROFIT but a FOR-PROFIT business model. By that, they work collectively like a normal business and cover all their costs in sustaining the business. From brand awareness to other marketing media, it operates just like another business model but to create a positive impact towards the society. Thank You water has a variety of Projects that it impacts like Water Projects, Food Projects and Health & Hygiene Projects.

Thank You Water Marketing Campaign

So the team at Thank You made clever marketing moves by targeting the most important people, customers. In order to create awareness about the social enterprise, they asked their fans and supporters to post comments and upload videos on Coles and Woolworths Facebook pages to entice interest that the consumers would buy Thank You Water if the respective department stores stocked their products.

This resulted in a win-win situation when the overall support led to the awareness of the brand’s image that further resulted in close talks of the Thank You team with both the food giants. By this, they were able to reach out to a broader market and conclusively, impact in the most competent way. As of today, Thank You water is stocked by major outlets around the country including 7-Eleven’s, IGA, Foodland etc. To read more about the campaign click here.

Thank You and Track your Impact

Another interesting method though which the company uses digital marketing is through their Track Your Impact approach. Track Your Impact is a web-based app that is accessible through a smartphone or a computer, and allows users to track their respective impacts after purchasing a bottle of water. On the label of each bottle, there is a unique code that should be entered into their app to see their impact by purchasing the bottle of water. It shows the exact area where the impact happened including GPS coordinates and by regularly monitoring your data, the app allows you to see your accumulated impact over time. To learn more about track your impact, click here.

Thank You and Facebook

Once users have tracked their impacts, Thank You allows those users to share their impacts on Facebook directly through the App in order to increase awareness and reach a broader audience.

Concluding today’s insight, it can be seen that THANK YOU WATER is making constant efforts in order to uplift the standards of the society and is creating value for customers through an extremely interesting manner.

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8 thoughts on “Thank You, “Thank You”

  1. One of my friends was part of the design process of designing the Thank You water bottle. I never knew about the ‘Track Your Impact’ feature they had though – that’s amazing. Something so simple like purchasing a bottle of water can have so much impact!


    • Wow! thats interesting! I was too surprised when I bought the bottle from caulfield’s 7-Eleven. So when i was heading towards the city, i just had this glimpse of the track your impact and therefore, decided to blog on it! hah!


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