Tips for Effective Instagram Marketing

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Well Hello There Marketing Geeks! Today, I’ve got something really interesting to share with you all! I’d like to enhance your knowledge about the ways through which you can maximize your marketing ability with Instagram.

Instagram is an online photo/video-sharing service that enables people all around the world to share content with the help of an app. Photos/videos can be instantly shared with all the followers of an individual’s or company’s account. It was launched in October 2010. The App was ranked as the #1 most downloaded & trending App in the App Store within 24 hours of its launch. Recently, Facebook acquired this service for $1 Billion.

So Some Tips for Effective Marketing:

Tip1: Follow other people in your Industry: The key to engagement and being noticed is to simply follow the people you would like to connect with or learn from their experiences. It is an effective way in reaching out to potential idols and being noticed as a genuine follower. You must also like and comment in an appropriate manner so that other people can follow you too. So they key is- Be Yourself!

Tip 2: Have Good Quality Pictures. Personally, I feel this is the most important component in highlighting your likes and following. Having good quality pictures not only attracts the current followers but also potential admirers that feel the need to follow your account just because your pictures or the photo stream is way too pretty. You must ensure that your pictures are not blurred or pixelated and be wary of the compression whilst uploading the pictures. Although there are various filters through which your photo may look a bit enhance but it can only be enhanced to a certain extent and it definitely doesn’t attract many people the need to follow your account.

Tip 3: Stay Active: Another important measure to keep in mind is to be consistent with content sharing. Whether you’re a celebrity or a company, your followers eagerly wait to be exposed into your life or daily activities to stay updated. The frequency of your posts is an important factor in leveraging customer experience. You must also plan your posts during peak hours to get the maximum engagement. In order to get genuine insights about your Instagram activity, you can checkout ICONOSQUARE, an online service that provides the best insights, optimization, real-time data etc.

Tip4: Share on other Social Media Platforms: You usually come across various icons like Facebook, Twitter etc. right before uploading the picture. Ever wondered why? Instagram gives you an opportunity to share the same content on your other social media platforms to maximize the reach and awareness. It is always a good idea to connect your Instagram account with other social media platforms and simply share on all the respective platforms.

Tip 5: Never Oversaturate Feeds: The last thing you would want to do is over flow other people’s pages. You must always refrain from posting too many pictures a day as it would do nothing but decrease the value of your account. Your followers would not appreciate this and would act by un-following you. The best way to go about this is by having a pre planned posting schedule in order to maximize productivity and not worry about the time-to-time posts. There are many online websites that allow users to time and plan their posts as per their liking. One of them is called LATERGRAM. You can check their website by clicking here.

Tip 6: Use #Hashtags Effectively: Finally, depending on the type of activity, you must make use of the most trending hashtags in order to create awareness for your product or company. Hashtags allow your posts to be visible to people who search for certain hashtags for example: #marketing, #digitalmarketing etc. By doing this, you can increase the exposure of both, your page and the product. Instagram allows you to post a number of hashtags on every single picture you upload.

Concluding todays insight, it is evident that by effectively executing the above strategies, Instagram can boost the exposure and awareness of a respective product or a company and increase its marketing abilities just be merely following a couple steps or keeping the mind some rules of thumb.

Until Next Time 

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6 thoughts on “Tips for Effective Instagram Marketing

  1. Great insight into effective instagraming! These steps are also relevant for raising awareness about causes and events as well, and anything that is worthy of promotion. In addition using humour or memes can also add value and meaning resulting in increased shareability!


  2. Great tips! I have to agree with agathapym, using humour is a great way to capture other user’s attention. When a person or company uses humour, I generally stop to read what they are posting.
    Companies and brands need to continually try and differentiate themselves from others in order to stand out. There’s nothing worse than scrolling down your newsfeed and seeing the same picture of a coffee or meal, but from a slightly different angle. Marketers need to go above and beyond the common approach to marketing, and look at ways to be different, interesting and eye catching.

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  3. Great tips- successful use of instagram relies on an effective presence as well and engagement and appropriate posts! its definitely invaluable for fashion, retail, food, hospitality, celebrity and tv/radio/modelling personalities and more. Arguably though instagram ma not be important or relevant for some industries eg industrial, manufacturing, comodities and so on. So its all about appropriate content and context! Great post – really though provoking 🙂

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