Nike Fuel Band: Game On World !

Well hello there fancy Athletes and Fashionistas! It’s about time to flaunt that swanky Fuel Band that many individuals have been tagging around their wrists.

Today we’ll talk about the entry of Nike into world of Social Media Marketing with the help of Nike Fuel Band.

What is the Fuel Band? It is basically a band that is worn around the wrist to track or measure stats of the activities executed throughout the day. It attracts athletes and many healthy life users who want to stay motivated while doing activities like running, dancing, playing different kids of sports etc.

You may not only use that band to track your daily progress but also wear it as a fashion accessory and flaunt it how Nike wants you to. Recently, Nike launched a Rose Gold edition of their Nike+ bracelet as part of their new METALUXE collection. You can read more about it and have a look at that bracelet by clicking here.

Now, ill explain you the benefits of using the Fuel Band and how Nike uses it as a source to participate in the digital world.

The Mobile App: It allows users to download the Nike+ Fuel Band app in which users can sync their bands wirelessly to their phones and track their progress. The app allows users to share their results on different social media platforms and the community friends. To understand better, read about the extensive features here.

The Nike+ Website: Regardless of the users whether they have purchased or not, visitor get a chance to glance through the daily activities being undertaken in different parts of the world. It also shows the total calories burned, achievements earned, real time stats etc. Visitors get highly motivated with the level of energy they receive after visiting the Nike+ website.

Nike’s shift to Digitization: By introducing the Fuel Band, Nike has been able to shift from its traditional marketing measures to the digital world. With the help of the stats, Nike is moving forward quickly to learn more about their customers. This bold move allows Nike to increase its reach and have longer and tighter relationships.

Concluding todays insight, it can be perceived that Nike has taken a bold move to highlight the needs of the different customers and efficiently provided value by stepping into the world of digital marketing.

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3 thoughts on “Nike Fuel Band: Game On World !

  1. I think this product is very similar to many other fitness products n the market. I have a smart band from Sony which has pretty much exactly the same features. I guess this goes to show that engagement from the audience and brand loyalty is very important in these products as there is so much similarity.

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