UBER: The Mighty Ride!

An UBER X for a casual clubbing night or an UBER BLACK for a fancy date?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re probably not updated with the prominent fad of Taxi’s or Car Share.

UBER is an international transportation company, headquartered in San Francisco, California, that connects users to request trips through a mobile-app based network. It connects users and drivers in minutes and is seamlessly evolving globally.

UBER X: It is a low cost option for all the users looking for a cheap and a convenient trip.

UBER BLACK: It is a premium option for all the users who area keen in indulging in some luxury whilst they ride.

So How Does it Work?

As the current generation is undergoing a technological haul, it is evident that almost everyone is carrying or using a smartphone. UBER made the perfect decision in revolving their business model around a mobile-based transportation network. Users are asked to submit their trip requests on the UBER app that allows them to track the details of the driver, the estimated cost of the trip, and additional useful information. There is no exchange of money with the driver but the user is automatically charged on the credit card provided during sign up. UBER is believed to be competitively priced as compared to the regular cabs. To view the UBER vs Taxi fare difference chart, click here.

UBER and ZOMATO Partnership

UBER has recently partnered with one of the major online food discovery giants to ease the process of going out and dining from their preferred location. Zomato is an online food discovery service that allows users to search for different restaurants and read the reviews of several different restaurants around them. It is currently operational in 27 cities across 13 countries. To view the countries, click here. This is again undertaken through the Zomato app and with the recent partnership, UBER has allowed its users to effectively review and ride to their preferred restaurants by just tapping onto the UBER icon that is displayed next to the address of the restaurant.

Happy Earth Day.. UBERPOOL!

Recently, during Earth Day, UBER decided to promote the cause by cutting down on carbon emissions. They promoted carpooling also known as UBERPOOL in Manhattan, New York by offering their users flat $5 rides for everyone starting and ending their journey below 125th street. It encouraged their riders to spilt the cost and share the ride with other users who happen to request an UBER along a similar route. To read the article, click here.

Concluding the above insight, it can be perceived that UBER has successfully made use of their digital business model and is seamlessly revolutionizing the convenience of many customers globally.

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