Boost Juice: The Digital Revolution

An All Berry Bang please..

Oh yeah! Who doesn’t love Boost Juice? From Rich Chocolate shakes to Healthy Sports drinks, Boost, if not more, has been an active source of revitalization for almost every single one of us.

Today, I’ll give you an insight into how Boost has successfully embraced the digital revolution in its operations.

 Instagram: Instagram is an effective marketing tool that allows individuals, brands, and companies to effectively reach out to their potential users. With a following over 23k, Boost has been able erect a strong user base and is active in interacting with its followers. Boost encourages its users to use the hashtag #boostjuice so that they can repost their pictures and create a sense of fondness for them.

 Boost App: With its newly launched app, Boost has been flaunting about its highly useful and convenient app. It allows customers to skip long queues and directly order through the app. Within the first three months of its launch, Boost received over 250,000 downloads and has been constantly growing since. The app has enabled the company to listen to the needs of their customers more effectively and create a new platform for its marketing landscape.

 Interactive Campaign: Boost has experienced some serious love from their community that has allowed them to re-launch its interactive marketing campaign called “Whats Your Name Game”. This promotion qualifies users to score a free Boost Juice by signing up on their websites and respective social media platforms. To get a better insight about the campaign, click here  The winner is announced nationally on radio and social media with its presence all over its platforms.

Concluding today’s insight, it can be seen that Boost Juice has been constantly making a mark with regards to its digital revolution and marketing. It has been successful in capturing its targeted audience and is persistently making efforts to grow and broaden its presence globally.

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2 thoughts on “Boost Juice: The Digital Revolution

  1. I have to say… Its a smart move to increase customer satisfaction by Boost Juice. Particularly in creating an app to BEAT the queue, which will induce people like me to buy Boost juices more often !

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  2. Boost juice app is an effective way to connect with customers online. Not only it allows customers to order boost juice and skip the line, but customers can also check their points and special offers as well.

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