35-BitlyB I T L Y.. Because I Tried Loving You? Ugh No!

Well, hello there busy marketers, today I’ve got something fun to talk about!

Most of us must have and do come across bit.ly/xyz on an everyday basis. But have we ever taken out time to reflect upon its significance or the things it could do?

Bitly is primarily a URL shortening service that allows users to easily save, shorten and share their favorite links from around the web. It is an extremely helpful and useful tool in the marketing world.

 I shall now give you some hints and reveal its supremacy!!

  1. Stats Mobilizer: Yup, you heard that correct. Once a link has been shortened and shared onto multiple social media platforms, every single engagement can be mobilized. It helps users to take advantage of the analytical features and keep track of the reach, engagement etc. through snazzy stats.

  2. Link Customization: Don’t like bit.ly? No worries. They have allowed users to create and share links based on their feelings. Users of Bitly have successfully had both funny and humorous links that can be shortened. For example: luvit.me, yaythis.me etc.

  3. Realtime: Ever wondered or wished if you could get the most important or trending stories sorted under a single header? Bitly recently introduced Realtime that allows users to navigate through the stories the world is paying attention to right now.

  4. Blogggggggers: not satisfied with the engagement from your recent blog post? Bitly allows Word Press users to install a plugin that can be linked to their blog posts and generate a Bitmark that eases the process of sharing the word.


Concluding today’s post, it is evident that Bitly is an active and an engaging tool to monitor stats that enables users to work through important data and allows them to personalize according to individual wants and needs.

Until Next Time

The Digital Marketing Co.






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