Memes & Marketing

Oh well, from Willy Wonka to the little success kid, meme’s have become the most humorous yet trending impressions in our daily lives and obviously, the Digital Marketing World. But wait; are they just created for us to retreat from our daily activities or to convey a specific message? BINGO! These days many companies use memes as a primary tool to dispense their brand’s message among the many millions.

We shall now identify, both, successful and unsuccessful memes that have brought about a positive or a negative perspective.

  • Sesame Street and Carly Rae Jepsen

Yes, that’s right. We have all heard the smashing single “call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen that literally fluttered over the internet with a zillion different covers and spoofs yet we fail to assimilate the positive response or approach towards this scenario. Like all others, Sesame Street wasn’t any different. They successfully captured a positive response with just over 19Million views on YouTube. You can checkout the video below:

  • Chuck Norris and World of Warcraft

If animated cartoons can sing super hit songs then why cant Hollywood actors be superheroes in a game? We all know well about Chuck Norris and his super wicked facts, one of them being, if Chuck Norris does a push up, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down. His most recent addition in World of Warcraft has made him an Internet sensation. You can checkout the TV commercial for World of Warcraft below:

  • Virgin Media and the Success Kid

Recently, Virgin media used the exceedingly favorable meme face for its TV channel advertising. The main idea was to attract attention of the people driving to and from work about their HD channels at no extra cost. It was an extremely creative yet most apt approach of seeking customer attention and delivering the message at the same time. Later, the famous kid was a part of Virgin Media’s promotional material, including their website and billboards all over UK.

  • Old Spice “Your Man

Old spice has weirdly used “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” as its USP. It was an overnight success for the company and again, an Internet sensation. Not only they were successful in reaching out to their core target i.e. guys but also girls through attractive looking guys. It captured a little over 50 Million views on YouTube. You can checkout their memejacking video below.

Therefore, we can learn from today’s blog that memejacking can be a remarkable way to influence the mass millions.

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7 thoughts on “Memes & Marketing

  1. Good one Shabeg. Its the first time i heard the word meme, but i had been using this concept.. didnt know there was a name to it. we all learn something new everyday.


  2. I love memes, people always tag me in ones on Facebook that are so relevant to my life and usually make me laugh. So i think incorporating them into advertising is a great tool to get peoples attention. Ads are only successful if they actually reach the consumer and the consumer actually plays attention to them. Rather than blending in with the clutter and noise of other brands, standing out with a meme is sure to be effective. I love the Virgin Media one, I think it has a strong message, communicated well.


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