A Brioche with some guacamole, extra topping of bacon, and American cheese Please..

Yes, you heard that right; it’s truly The Gourmet Life!

Hello there foodie marketers! Today I will be enlightening your knowledge regarding the most trending activity undertaken by the Fast Food giant, MC Donald’s.

Recently, MC Donald’s changed the landscape of its traditional environment by initiating a fresh and different service called “Create Your Own”. This change allows customers to digitally build their customized burgers through touchscreen kiosks that are installed in stores and allows for personalization. MC Donald’s have also uplifted their traditional ingredients and now offer fancy treats like brioches, grilled mushrooms, guacamole etc. This service also includes table service that enhances customer value and is perceived to be a vital change in the socio-economic culture.

“Create your own” & Instagram

MC Donald’s has also started marketing for its recent digital transition by encouraging users to use #createyourtaste hashtag and post in on his or her respective Instagram profiles on Instagram. This increases the awareness of their recent campaign and allows for a greater level of awareness among the users.

MC Donald’s has always been on the forefront in pushing their digital marketing campaigns and have recently tripled their budget to allow for more creativity and a strong push to its digital marketing campaigns. Last year, MC Donald’s launched the mobile app called “My Maccas” that resulted in a big success.


My Maccas is a mobile ordering app that allows users to pre order their meals from their homes and pay either once an individual passes by the drive through or at the cash register. Another interesting tactic they used in validating orders was through QR codes. Customers could validate their orders through QR codes and beat the hassle of negotiating for an extra packet of ketchup 🙂

Recently, they also ran a promotion strategy by encouraging users to download the app and win $5 as credit to use at any MC Donald’s store during the Australian Day.

Therefore, it can be seen that MC Donald’s is an active player in the digital world and continuously thrives to alter its traditional ways of working.

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Thank You, “Thank You”

Well Hello there busy marketers! Today’s topic was a recent discovery by myself about this movement-changing brand that I came across whilst quenching my thirst earlier last week. Today, ill enlighten your knowledge about Thank You Water that is constantly making efforts to create life-changing products and the avenues it practices to use innovative social media marketing campaigns.

Thank You is a bottled water company in Australia that aids many different water projects in developing countries and with every since bottle sold, Thank You Water provides at least one month of safe Drinking water to those in need. They believe in uplifting the standards of those in need through the sales of bottled water in Australia. The organizations goal is to make every single consumer mindful of the influence they can make by purchasing a bottle of water.

Thank You Water and the Movement

Thank You Water prides themselves with being a social enterprise that is making efforts to empower the high quality standards and contribute towards the social welfare of the society, by providing food, water, health and hygiene to those in need. It is not a NOT- FOR-PROFIT but a FOR-PROFIT business model. By that, they work collectively like a normal business and cover all their costs in sustaining the business. From brand awareness to other marketing media, it operates just like another business model but to create a positive impact towards the society. Thank You water has a variety of Projects that it impacts like Water Projects, Food Projects and Health & Hygiene Projects.

Thank You Water Marketing Campaign

So the team at Thank You made clever marketing moves by targeting the most important people, customers. In order to create awareness about the social enterprise, they asked their fans and supporters to post comments and upload videos on Coles and Woolworths Facebook pages to entice interest that the consumers would buy Thank You Water if the respective department stores stocked their products.

This resulted in a win-win situation when the overall support led to the awareness of the brand’s image that further resulted in close talks of the Thank You team with both the food giants. By this, they were able to reach out to a broader market and conclusively, impact in the most competent way. As of today, Thank You water is stocked by major outlets around the country including 7-Eleven’s, IGA, Foodland etc. To read more about the campaign click here.

Thank You and Track your Impact

Another interesting method though which the company uses digital marketing is through their Track Your Impact approach. Track Your Impact is a web-based app that is accessible through a smartphone or a computer, and allows users to track their respective impacts after purchasing a bottle of water. On the label of each bottle, there is a unique code that should be entered into their app to see their impact by purchasing the bottle of water. It shows the exact area where the impact happened including GPS coordinates and by regularly monitoring your data, the app allows you to see your accumulated impact over time. To learn more about track your impact, click here.

Thank You and Facebook

Once users have tracked their impacts, Thank You allows those users to share their impacts on Facebook directly through the App in order to increase awareness and reach a broader audience.

Concluding today’s insight, it can be seen that THANK YOU WATER is making constant efforts in order to uplift the standards of the society and is creating value for customers through an extremely interesting manner.

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Tips for Effective Instagram Marketing

#I #Love #Digital #Marketing

Well Hello There Marketing Geeks! Today, I’ve got something really interesting to share with you all! I’d like to enhance your knowledge about the ways through which you can maximize your marketing ability with Instagram.

Instagram is an online photo/video-sharing service that enables people all around the world to share content with the help of an app. Photos/videos can be instantly shared with all the followers of an individual’s or company’s account. It was launched in October 2010. The App was ranked as the #1 most downloaded & trending App in the App Store within 24 hours of its launch. Recently, Facebook acquired this service for $1 Billion.

So Some Tips for Effective Marketing:

Tip1: Follow other people in your Industry: The key to engagement and being noticed is to simply follow the people you would like to connect with or learn from their experiences. It is an effective way in reaching out to potential idols and being noticed as a genuine follower. You must also like and comment in an appropriate manner so that other people can follow you too. So they key is- Be Yourself!

Tip 2: Have Good Quality Pictures. Personally, I feel this is the most important component in highlighting your likes and following. Having good quality pictures not only attracts the current followers but also potential admirers that feel the need to follow your account just because your pictures or the photo stream is way too pretty. You must ensure that your pictures are not blurred or pixelated and be wary of the compression whilst uploading the pictures. Although there are various filters through which your photo may look a bit enhance but it can only be enhanced to a certain extent and it definitely doesn’t attract many people the need to follow your account.

Tip 3: Stay Active: Another important measure to keep in mind is to be consistent with content sharing. Whether you’re a celebrity or a company, your followers eagerly wait to be exposed into your life or daily activities to stay updated. The frequency of your posts is an important factor in leveraging customer experience. You must also plan your posts during peak hours to get the maximum engagement. In order to get genuine insights about your Instagram activity, you can checkout ICONOSQUARE, an online service that provides the best insights, optimization, real-time data etc.

Tip4: Share on other Social Media Platforms: You usually come across various icons like Facebook, Twitter etc. right before uploading the picture. Ever wondered why? Instagram gives you an opportunity to share the same content on your other social media platforms to maximize the reach and awareness. It is always a good idea to connect your Instagram account with other social media platforms and simply share on all the respective platforms.

Tip 5: Never Oversaturate Feeds: The last thing you would want to do is over flow other people’s pages. You must always refrain from posting too many pictures a day as it would do nothing but decrease the value of your account. Your followers would not appreciate this and would act by un-following you. The best way to go about this is by having a pre planned posting schedule in order to maximize productivity and not worry about the time-to-time posts. There are many online websites that allow users to time and plan their posts as per their liking. One of them is called LATERGRAM. You can check their website by clicking here.

Tip 6: Use #Hashtags Effectively: Finally, depending on the type of activity, you must make use of the most trending hashtags in order to create awareness for your product or company. Hashtags allow your posts to be visible to people who search for certain hashtags for example: #marketing, #digitalmarketing etc. By doing this, you can increase the exposure of both, your page and the product. Instagram allows you to post a number of hashtags on every single picture you upload.

Concluding todays insight, it is evident that by effectively executing the above strategies, Instagram can boost the exposure and awareness of a respective product or a company and increase its marketing abilities just be merely following a couple steps or keeping the mind some rules of thumb.

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Nike Fuel Band: Game On World !

Well hello there fancy Athletes and Fashionistas! It’s about time to flaunt that swanky Fuel Band that many individuals have been tagging around their wrists.

Today we’ll talk about the entry of Nike into world of Social Media Marketing with the help of Nike Fuel Band.

What is the Fuel Band? It is basically a band that is worn around the wrist to track or measure stats of the activities executed throughout the day. It attracts athletes and many healthy life users who want to stay motivated while doing activities like running, dancing, playing different kids of sports etc.

You may not only use that band to track your daily progress but also wear it as a fashion accessory and flaunt it how Nike wants you to. Recently, Nike launched a Rose Gold edition of their Nike+ bracelet as part of their new METALUXE collection. You can read more about it and have a look at that bracelet by clicking here.

Now, ill explain you the benefits of using the Fuel Band and how Nike uses it as a source to participate in the digital world.

The Mobile App: It allows users to download the Nike+ Fuel Band app in which users can sync their bands wirelessly to their phones and track their progress. The app allows users to share their results on different social media platforms and the community friends. To understand better, read about the extensive features here.

The Nike+ Website: Regardless of the users whether they have purchased or not, visitor get a chance to glance through the daily activities being undertaken in different parts of the world. It also shows the total calories burned, achievements earned, real time stats etc. Visitors get highly motivated with the level of energy they receive after visiting the Nike+ website.

Nike’s shift to Digitization: By introducing the Fuel Band, Nike has been able to shift from its traditional marketing measures to the digital world. With the help of the stats, Nike is moving forward quickly to learn more about their customers. This bold move allows Nike to increase its reach and have longer and tighter relationships.

Concluding todays insight, it can be perceived that Nike has taken a bold move to highlight the needs of the different customers and efficiently provided value by stepping into the world of digital marketing.

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UBER: The Mighty Ride!

An UBER X for a casual clubbing night or an UBER BLACK for a fancy date?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you’re probably not updated with the prominent fad of Taxi’s or Car Share.

UBER is an international transportation company, headquartered in San Francisco, California, that connects users to request trips through a mobile-app based network. It connects users and drivers in minutes and is seamlessly evolving globally.

UBER X: It is a low cost option for all the users looking for a cheap and a convenient trip.

UBER BLACK: It is a premium option for all the users who area keen in indulging in some luxury whilst they ride.

So How Does it Work?

As the current generation is undergoing a technological haul, it is evident that almost everyone is carrying or using a smartphone. UBER made the perfect decision in revolving their business model around a mobile-based transportation network. Users are asked to submit their trip requests on the UBER app that allows them to track the details of the driver, the estimated cost of the trip, and additional useful information. There is no exchange of money with the driver but the user is automatically charged on the credit card provided during sign up. UBER is believed to be competitively priced as compared to the regular cabs. To view the UBER vs Taxi fare difference chart, click here.

UBER and ZOMATO Partnership

UBER has recently partnered with one of the major online food discovery giants to ease the process of going out and dining from their preferred location. Zomato is an online food discovery service that allows users to search for different restaurants and read the reviews of several different restaurants around them. It is currently operational in 27 cities across 13 countries. To view the countries, click here. This is again undertaken through the Zomato app and with the recent partnership, UBER has allowed its users to effectively review and ride to their preferred restaurants by just tapping onto the UBER icon that is displayed next to the address of the restaurant.

Happy Earth Day.. UBERPOOL!

Recently, during Earth Day, UBER decided to promote the cause by cutting down on carbon emissions. They promoted carpooling also known as UBERPOOL in Manhattan, New York by offering their users flat $5 rides for everyone starting and ending their journey below 125th street. It encouraged their riders to spilt the cost and share the ride with other users who happen to request an UBER along a similar route. To read the article, click here.

Concluding the above insight, it can be perceived that UBER has successfully made use of their digital business model and is seamlessly revolutionizing the convenience of many customers globally.

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Boost Juice: The Digital Revolution

An All Berry Bang please..

Oh yeah! Who doesn’t love Boost Juice? From Rich Chocolate shakes to Healthy Sports drinks, Boost, if not more, has been an active source of revitalization for almost every single one of us.

Today, I’ll give you an insight into how Boost has successfully embraced the digital revolution in its operations.

 Instagram: Instagram is an effective marketing tool that allows individuals, brands, and companies to effectively reach out to their potential users. With a following over 23k, Boost has been able erect a strong user base and is active in interacting with its followers. Boost encourages its users to use the hashtag #boostjuice so that they can repost their pictures and create a sense of fondness for them.

 Boost App: With its newly launched app, Boost has been flaunting about its highly useful and convenient app. It allows customers to skip long queues and directly order through the app. Within the first three months of its launch, Boost received over 250,000 downloads and has been constantly growing since. The app has enabled the company to listen to the needs of their customers more effectively and create a new platform for its marketing landscape.

 Interactive Campaign: Boost has experienced some serious love from their community that has allowed them to re-launch its interactive marketing campaign called “Whats Your Name Game”. This promotion qualifies users to score a free Boost Juice by signing up on their websites and respective social media platforms. To get a better insight about the campaign, click here  The winner is announced nationally on radio and social media with its presence all over its platforms.

Concluding today’s insight, it can be seen that Boost Juice has been constantly making a mark with regards to its digital revolution and marketing. It has been successful in capturing its targeted audience and is persistently making efforts to grow and broaden its presence globally.

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35-BitlyB I T L Y.. Because I Tried Loving You? Ugh No!

Well, hello there busy marketers, today I’ve got something fun to talk about!

Most of us must have and do come across on an everyday basis. But have we ever taken out time to reflect upon its significance or the things it could do?

Bitly is primarily a URL shortening service that allows users to easily save, shorten and share their favorite links from around the web. It is an extremely helpful and useful tool in the marketing world.

 I shall now give you some hints and reveal its supremacy!!

  1. Stats Mobilizer: Yup, you heard that correct. Once a link has been shortened and shared onto multiple social media platforms, every single engagement can be mobilized. It helps users to take advantage of the analytical features and keep track of the reach, engagement etc. through snazzy stats.

  2. Link Customization: Don’t like No worries. They have allowed users to create and share links based on their feelings. Users of Bitly have successfully had both funny and humorous links that can be shortened. For example:, etc.

  3. Realtime: Ever wondered or wished if you could get the most important or trending stories sorted under a single header? Bitly recently introduced Realtime that allows users to navigate through the stories the world is paying attention to right now.

  4. Blogggggggers: not satisfied with the engagement from your recent blog post? Bitly allows Word Press users to install a plugin that can be linked to their blog posts and generate a Bitmark that eases the process of sharing the word.


Concluding today’s post, it is evident that Bitly is an active and an engaging tool to monitor stats that enables users to work through important data and allows them to personalize according to individual wants and needs.

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Digital Assets and Business Struggles

Tweet! Follow! Share! Pin! Like! Yes, were all very familiar with these jingles but how can we actually use it to assess its presence? 

Own a business? Unable to progress? These digital resources need to be gauged for a few things:

Do you need them? If yes, then which ones do you need?

Every business has its own assets and competencies through which it carries its profit making activities. But sensibly exhausting those resources can help a business gain competitive advantage in the market. A clear and concise manner must be adopted to embrace those digital assets conferring to the type of business.

Your most loyal friends are the numbers

Businesses often fail to carefully analyze their current market situation and thereof lack in implementing the desirable strategies. It must be vigilant enough while gazing through the available data to further understand its current market position, revenues, traffic, leads etc.

Get your strategy right

Business must also wisely denote their strategies. But before they proceed towards execution, many altered and diverse questions must be answered in order to encompass the digital assets.

What kind of competition is the business facing?

What changes are expected in the technological environment?

What marketing initiatives must the business undertake?

These questions primarily set the standards for multiple businesses to structure their strategies and build in the available digital assets.

Concluding the above insight, I hope you get the correct impression of appropriately integrating the digital assets during business struggles while efficiently carrying out its profit-making activities

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Memes & Marketing

Oh well, from Willy Wonka to the little success kid, meme’s have become the most humorous yet trending impressions in our daily lives and obviously, the Digital Marketing World. But wait; are they just created for us to retreat from our daily activities or to convey a specific message? BINGO! These days many companies use memes as a primary tool to dispense their brand’s message among the many millions.

We shall now identify, both, successful and unsuccessful memes that have brought about a positive or a negative perspective.

  • Sesame Street and Carly Rae Jepsen

Yes, that’s right. We have all heard the smashing single “call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen that literally fluttered over the internet with a zillion different covers and spoofs yet we fail to assimilate the positive response or approach towards this scenario. Like all others, Sesame Street wasn’t any different. They successfully captured a positive response with just over 19Million views on YouTube. You can checkout the video below:

  • Chuck Norris and World of Warcraft

If animated cartoons can sing super hit songs then why cant Hollywood actors be superheroes in a game? We all know well about Chuck Norris and his super wicked facts, one of them being, if Chuck Norris does a push up, he isn’t lifting himself up, he’s pushing the Earth down. His most recent addition in World of Warcraft has made him an Internet sensation. You can checkout the TV commercial for World of Warcraft below:

  • Virgin Media and the Success Kid

Recently, Virgin media used the exceedingly favorable meme face for its TV channel advertising. The main idea was to attract attention of the people driving to and from work about their HD channels at no extra cost. It was an extremely creative yet most apt approach of seeking customer attention and delivering the message at the same time. Later, the famous kid was a part of Virgin Media’s promotional material, including their website and billboards all over UK.

  • Old Spice “Your Man

Old spice has weirdly used “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” as its USP. It was an overnight success for the company and again, an Internet sensation. Not only they were successful in reaching out to their core target i.e. guys but also girls through attractive looking guys. It captured a little over 50 Million views on YouTube. You can checkout their memejacking video below.

Therefore, we can learn from today’s blog that memejacking can be a remarkable way to influence the mass millions.

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Social Media Marketing

We all come across social media marketing in our daily lives but what exactly do we understand about it? This post will give you some insight into social media marketing, its potential Pros and Cons and how current and potential businesses use it as an active tool.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing presents marketers an expression and a way to connect with friends, clients and potential customers. It is the process of increasing website traffic or attention through social media sites. The efforts are usually centric towards the attention of the readers that further encourage them to share it through a variety of social media platforms.

We all know that in today’s world, every single business is dependent on Social Media, some for its company’s reach and some for its sales. But what primarily motivates businesses to use social media is its ability to directly capture a particular market and thereby obtain feedback to better understand its operations. I will now be highlighting a few points that many businesses use to boost its presence and sales in a particular market.

Social Media’s Role in Business

  • Increasing Brand Awareness: Social Media helps businesses boost their presence by giving them an edge to find their respective market, get visual and connect with potential influencers.
  • Receiving Vital Feedback: Social Media helps business collect vital feedback by a variety of ways that are super-beneficial in connecting the dots when things don’t go as planned. Some of the ways it can be done by is by hosting a focus group, conducting surveys and polls, asking industry experts etc.
  • Interacting with Customers: Social Media is one of the most important and beneficial sources through which businesses connect with its current and potential customers. There are a variety of platforms in the industry that enable businesses to directly connect with its customers. Some social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Pros and Cons of using Social Media


  • Wide Reach: Businesses can reach a large number of people through advertising.
  • Cost Efficient: There are a variety of platforms where pages can be created free of cost with low or minimal maintenance costs.
  • Engaging: Businesses often take advantage of the engagement insights within their respective fields to create a connection with its customer.


  • Time Consuming: Business often fail to innovate regularly due to time constraints therefore, resulting in decline of sales and brand loyalty
  • Easily Ignored: Advertising does not guarantee high level sales or brand reach because it merely interrupts the consumers with high possibility of it being ignored.
  • Negativity: If a certain social Media platform is not well used, there is often a window for a possible repercussion or disapproval that can disturb the reputation of the brand.

Concluding the above topic, Social Media plays a vital role in our day to day activities and we must use it fruitfully in order to make the most out of it! I hope this article was helpful!

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